Top 5 Ways an 800 Number Can Improve Your Online Busines

Toll Free 1800 Number

Does toll free number really make a difference?
Studies show that toll free numbers have created increased visibility for business. Clients can call from anywhere in the country with no charge, and your number can be listed in a nationwide directory of tollfree businesses.

An 800 number – Build your company image

Customers prefer it when they are able to contact you without incurring any charges. It means that it is easy to do business with you.

When you use a toll-free number, it sends positive signals to your customers that actually care for them. It also sends a positive impression to potential customers. The message it passes along is that it is easy to transact business with you and that reaching you is not difficult. It simply implies that you believe that communication is important in business.

There is more to it. Having such a toll free number is good because it can add value to any business. The customer will appreciate it because the call is completely free. the business that makes it easy for customers to contact them are bound to reap the benefits that come with it. The tendency is that they will prefer to be your customer; you make communication easy and simple to them. It is certain that it will form part of what is known as customer service and customer satisfaction. This is necessary for the growth of any business concern.

Credibility and branding

Most of you must be familiar with the UPS commercial. What is so special about that commercial is the phone number, which they provide for its customers. The number is there for you. The interesting thing is that you have that number and you can call at no expense. The description has sufficient information about the company names, as well as their product description.

This method can work for you. All those companies need to do is to open their doors. It will give them the opportunity to expand.

Create an impression of a successful business
When you use 800 numbers, it will create the impression that your business is big. Use the number to dress your business. UPS is big because of its 800 number. The company is big because it has branches all over the nation. The fact that UPS has 800 numbers is creating the impression that big companies must also have 800 numbers. When your company gets the same 800 numbers, it would boost your image, it is going to create the impression that the company is successful, and that it is a national business organization.Even if your business is small, it will still create the impression that you are large.

Build your company image

Another great attribute of vanity number 800 is that you can actually include your number as part of your name for example 1-800-FLOWERS and so on. The number like that is going to be helpful; it could improve your company image. It will improve your brand before your customers. You can consider the toll free number as a great marketing tool. You can actually use that to attract more prospects to your business. Furthermore, it can help in reassuring the existing customers. When they need your business or services, it makes it easier to contact you.

Using the toll-free numbers to evaluate the return on your marketing efforts

This is another important tool, which you can use today to evaluate the success, as well as the failure of your various marketing efforts. You can use several of such numbers such as 888, 877, 800 as well as 855 numbers. These different toll numbers can work with your telephone number providers. You can use each number to evaluate the performance of your various marketing efforts. Spread the numbers to monitor your various campaign strategies.

Furthermore, you can use the cloud based VoIP phone service reporting feature to find out where the best return on your investment is actually coming from. You can determine which of your campaign efforts are working and which one is not working and so on.When you combine this with the fantastic customer support, you will know the uniqueness of the 800 line to your business. This helps you to improve your sales conversion rate.
Furthermore, toll-free numbers make it easy to enjoy the same kind of flexibility and quality service as in your regular phone numbers.

Most importantly, it will be easy to do your business anywhere; as such, calls are forwarded to your cell phone as well as your landline and VoIP and so on. Moreover, the number is portable and this means that you can always relocate with it. Should you decide to change your service providers, the toll-free numbers would be there with you.
You can route toll numbers overseas like customer service, as well as customer service in other countries.

Having this toll free number is not an expensive project. You can easily arrange it with your service providers. It is friendly to marketers, as it reduces the cost of doing business.

800 numbers perform unique functions for your business. It does not only enhance your business image. It also increases your customer base in addition to promoting customer care service.